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'Zero Landless-2015' for Kerala to be inaugurated on 8 September: Adoor Prakash

Saturday 31st of August 2013 08:52:26 AM

Congress president Sonia Gandhi will inaugurate the Kerala government's ambitious programme of providing a piece of land to every family by 2015, on 8 September. Announcing the matter, Revenue Minister Adoor Prakash said that the first phase of 'Zero Landless-2015' programme would begin with Sonia Gandhi handing over the first title deeds.

"We have identified that there are 2.33 lakh families in the state who do not have a piece of land. In the first phase, 77,306 families would be given three cents (approx 1,300 sq feet) of land for free in the 14 districts. By 2015, we will ensure that all families in the state own a piece of land," said Adoor Prakash. 

The minister said that district authorities have sought applications from people who did not own a piece of land. A detailed enquiry would be conducted there after to find the veracity of the applicants.

"We will ensure to the best of our ability that everyone who gets land under this scheme is the most deserving. We have seen that all those who get the land will not be able to transfer it for 25 years," said Prakash.

"The state government has ensured to see that priority in allotting land would be given to the poorest of the poor, those suffering from critical illness, those with 50 percent or more disability, widows, and those belonging to the scheduled tribes community," said Adoor Prakash. 

"Once the land is given, then there are various schemes - both central and state government - where financial assistance would be handed out to build a home and also the help of NGOs would be sought," added Prakash.

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