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Bus strike a blackmail ploy: Rishiraj Singh; No compromise on speed governor tests, says Aryadan

Sunday 8th of September 2013 06:58:46 PM

There will be no compromise on the speed governor tests regarding private buses, said transport minister Aryadan Mohammed. Addressing the press, the minister said that the strike will be dealt with severely, although measures will be taken to tackle the strike effectively. Meanwhile Transport Commissioner Rishiraj Singh has termed the threat of bus strike as a blackmail ploy. 

"The safety of citizens is vital and most important for the government. It is important for the government to implement measures that cater to the same. We will take all measures to curb this mad race being indulged in by bus drivers. At present we re not implementing any new rules. We are only strengthening and making stringent, the existing rules. However, if there are genuine grievances from the bus owners side, we are willing to lend a patient ear to the same," said Aryadan Mohammed. 

Referring to the bus strike as a blackmailing ploy, state Transport Commissioner Rishiraj Singh has reiterated that "there will be no bowing down to private bus owners. We are going ahead with the speed governance tests."

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